The problem

People play golf for a variety of reasons. For the competition, the exercise, to challenge themselves, to relax or to spend time with friends and family. Even though we play the game for different reasons, we have one thing in common. All golfers desire to play up to their potential and get better at the game.

This is where things can get difficult. In order to get better at golf you need to improve your skills, but exactly what part of your golf game or golf swing needs fixing and what parts should you not mess with? Do you need to square the clubface or fix your club path? Why are you hitting the ball fat or thin? Why do you hit the ball so well on the range but can't do the same on the golf course? Are you playing with the correct equipment or should you buy something new? Is your weight shifting correctly? The list of questions can go on and on.

Are you confused yet? Most golfers are. So they turn to golf magazines, DVD's and the internet to solve their swing problems. Yes, there is a plethora of information out there designed to make you a better golfer. The question is: does it help?  Has the magazine author ever watched you hit one golf shot? How about the guy who posted that video to You Tube? Does your league partner really know what your doing wrong? The answer is probably not.


the solution

I believe the fastest way to improve your golf game is through one on one private lessons. My job is to get to know my students. Their strengths, weaknesses, goals, swing flaws and reasons for playing the game. This is why every new student will start out with a 2-hour initial evaluation. During the first half of this evaluation, we will perform a skills assessment that includes short game and full swing as well as a golf fitness evaluation. During the second half of the evaluation I will video your golf swing and give your swing a grade based on the most important factors that influence a golf shot.  After this initial evaluation, I can create a lesson plan that will be tailored to your specific needs and stay within your budget. Are you ready to get to work? If so, give me a call and schedule an appointment today.

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